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Helping Victims Of Wrongful Termination Get Justice

Although Ohio is an “at-will” employment state that allows businesses to fire employees without cause, there are limits to terminating employees without cause. Employers may not fire employees based on discrimination or in retaliation for reporting the business for workplace violations. A wrongful termination claim may be based on any of the following reasons:

  • Age
  • Religion
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Race, national origin or ethnicity
  • Violation of a written or implied promise or contract
  • Retaliation for reporting safety issues or other workplace violations
  • Disability or requesting protected medical leave or a medical accommodation

The list above is not all-inclusive, but represents the bulk of wrongful termination cases. If you believe any of these reasons played a part in your termination, your employer may have taken advantage of you.

Getting Compensation For The Wrongfully Terminated

Wrongfully terminated employees have the right to compensation. That compensation may include employment opportunities and reimbursement for expenses and lost income, including:

  • Reinstatement
  • Back pay for time missed
  • Reimbursement of attorney’s fees
  • Possible promotion
  • Compensation for losses suffered because of the termination
  • Front pay, or compensation for future earnings if the position or anything like it is no longer available

If you are thinking of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, we recommend gathering documents that relate to your case as soon as possible. This includes things such as pay stubs, employee manuals and any emails that relate to your termination. You should also make a list of people whom you believe may know about the situation surrounding your termination. The sooner we gather information, the more likely we are to have a strong case.

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