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Avon And Westlake Real Estate Attorney

A real estate investment has significant profit potential but it can also present significant risks. With the help of an experienced real estate attorney, however, you can limit those risks to a considerable degree.

Schroth Law LLC is a firm that provides a full range of services to property owners, developers and other parties. We lay the groundwork for profitable real estate investments during the transaction process and provide services and representation to protect the rights and interests of property owners.

Efficient And Cost-Effective Services To Achieve Your Goals

We can assist you in real estate matters involving:

Facilitation of residential and commercial real estate transactions — We provide services designed to efficiently complete real estate transactions, including drafting and review of sales contracts, title searches and other tasks essential to the transaction process.

Real estate disputes — Schroth Law LLC represents clients in real estate litigation involving sales contract disputes, commercial lease disputes, property contamination and other issues.

Foreclosure defense — We undertake measures to prevent foreclosure and reduce debts without resorting to bankruptcy, such as loan modifications, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

Property tax valuations — If you believe that your property tax assessment is too high, we can seek to obtain a lower valuation and assessment.

Whether your property involves a residential home, a multifamily residential investment, commercial property, development land, or some other matter, we have the experience and resources needed to help you achieve your goals.

Consultation — Contact Our Firm

To schedule a consultation with Avon and Westlake real estate lawyer Michael Schroth, contact our firm. We serve clients throughout the Cleveland, Ohio, metropolitan area.